Becoming an Outshiner

You don’t have to be a cerebral person to understand the seductive dynamics in a public setting. Everybody wants to outdo the sharks but nobody knows quite how to go about it. It blows my mind how insidious men can be, wrongfully convincing gullible women that they are their ‘knight in shining armor’ coming to save them. Women are vulnerable because the vast majority still have surreal fairytale expectations. Cunning douches and wannabe”ladies men”take advantage of their distraught emotional state to appear with illusions of grandeur, the man they’ve been waiting for all these years. So how can you possibly Outshine these assholes without stooping to their level?

It’s easier than you think. Apart from the obvious and already discussed character traits like confidence, assertiveness and proper vocabulary, there are four fundamental traits that you have to adopt in order to outshine; raw honesty, magnetic humour, presence and tandem courtship. These are quintessentially the four core character traits you need to master in order to Outshine the shameless immature prick who inexplicably stole the girl you’ve had your eyes on all night.

The days and nights when my demeanor were perfect, I was in a magical state of being. I unknowingly and  inexplicably proliferated  a beautiful transcendental energy that intoxicated women. It’s something I have difficulty understanding let alone explaining. But after deep reflection I’ve identified key elements to outshine other men.

The douches abound her in predictable creepy ways. The automatic verbal responses coming from their subconscious are nothing but rehearsed and slimy P. U. A. Verbatim. The only reason why she doesn’t shoe them off is because they’re semi-entertaining and stupidly supplying her free drinks to no avail. Men play in her hand like soft putty. You rack your brain trying to figure out how YOU could possibly stand out from the generic sea of ass wipes. Retreating to other corners of the room after foreseeable failure in their attempt to win her over with their pathetic sales pitch. You make your way through the crowd of pawns to be the next at attempting to conquer. So how the fuck do you do it?


Don’t waste your breath on rehearsed bullshit you learned from a P. U. A. blog/book. Adopt a black sheep, revolutionist, alien like mentality today. Stand out by actually paying attention to what she says and establishing a connection. Genuinely caring is connecting; Are you listening to her? Are you engaging or just nodding and giving short answers? Are you sucking up or getting your opinion across, unafraid of her opposition to what you may say? Fuck the scripted bullshit; It’s all smoke and mirrors! Shortly after manipulation and deception comes the truth!

Irresistible and Magnetic Humour

While most would say that you’re either funny or you’re not. I think everybody has the potential to develop their humour in a unique and genuine fashion. Women love a man with a great sense of humour. It conveys an irresistible magnetism that make girls weak at the knees. Most men suck at it or don’t practice it at all. By using humor in a flirtatious yet witty way, you’ll be putting chances on your side.

Refreshing & Raw Honesty

Women love a man that shares what’s on his mind and in his heart. If fear of rejection is holding you back from speaking the truth, fear no more! Speak your mind, regardless of the consequences. If she can’t deal with who you are, she’s simply not meant for you. Men who share what they really think, are seen as refreshing. Most men hold back a lot not to scare the girl off. If she’s just a potential candidate you’re courting, who cares if she gets offended or shocked. Women that are truly interested will stick around, no matter how controversial your thoughts and statements may be. I personally let it all out; My thoughts, theories, hopes and aspirations. Conveying them with passion and conviction. I firmly stand my ground and proudly express my rawness. Women that can’t deal with your truth can go their own way.

Tandem Courtship

The moment you come to the realization that women aren’t an opponent that you have to defeat with manipulation and deceit, you’ll experience more success. Thus the importance of being original and not using anything scripted. The successful revolutionist is the anti-P. U. A.

Now, the principal of tandem courtship  is very simple; follow the natural flow of the mood and conversation without coming off as desperate or kissing ass. Make an effort to understand and connect with the topic she’s talking about. Captivate her by going deeper in the subject she’s passionate about. The moment you try and steer the conversation away from her comfort zone, you’re risking rejection.

There are three main causes to crash and burns; Trying too hard is the biggest reason. Making assumptions about what women like or think is a close second. The third is fearing the revelation of your true self. Don’t show them short blips of smoke and mirrors. Give them an authentic glimpse of the man you truly are. You can still manage to be everything she ever wished in a man just by being yourself. Just trash your fears and dare to expose the real you. The worst consequence is rejection due to incompatibility and failure to see your true worth. As long as you see your own value through it all, who cares about some random chick shooting you down.