Dating Advice: 5 Types Of Men To Avoid

Whoever said Dating was «fun» was never a thirty-something woman with a fertility time line fed-up with dating every loser on the planet. All you young twenty something’s, listen up baby, cause momma’s gonna lay down the law when it comes to the types of men to avoid in your single years. These types of men are absolutely toxic for your health and will bring you years of anguish. Learn from the generation of women before you that has just about seen it all – here’s the 5 types of men to avoid.

If you’re looking for «the one» that will set your heart a flame and father your children there are certain traits you look for. You look for someone that is gonna love you like a madman till the day you die. A faithful good-hearted man that is going to be the father of your children and be there for you in all the up’s and down’s that life throws at you. Then there are the other kinda’ guys out there. On the outside they look kinda’ normal but two years later and half your soul gone you find out they are really twisted on the inside.

The Mama’s Boy – you will never live up to his mother and she will rule your life. At first you think that this guy is soooo sweet because he’s so good to his mama. Awww, how cute. Then after awhile little flags go up and you somehow sense that this mother-son relationship is just a little too close for comfort. In my case it was more like a flippin’ flare gun going off. My man and his mother were so lovey-dovey it just was just too weird. The day I saw his mother putting on her make-up in the bathroom and my honey just walks in and starts peeing in the toilet next to her I knew it was time to get out quick. The kicker is neither of them flinched as if this was a common thing. I don’t know about you but after the age of changing diapers is over – naked parts become one’s own territory. If your man and his mother are just too close, you will always be number two and she will be number one on his list forever. He will take her side in disagreements, (oh, they’ll be quite a few of those) and you will always be the bad one. So just dump him now and save yourself a few years.

The Pervert – You might not notice it at first because most men that really get into sexually deviant behavior don’t just walk around advertising those facts. Hell, at first he might even be a huge thrill and really teach you a few things. After awhile though, you have to admit too much cotton candy leaves you feeling empty and longing for the sustenance of a steak. This guy isn’t even chop meat. At first you won’t mind the playboy’s and other nudey magazines but after awhile when he NEEDS to read them before he gets into bed with you then time to say «time out». I actually had friends that told me their men used to put the nudey magazine on the pillow next to them and would flip through the pages during intercourse. Trust me – the man of your dreams is going to be so in love with you that the mere thought of you gets him so aroused he needs to leave work. You’re groom doesn’t need to go to underground sex clubs because he’s home with you. The man that needs magazines, toys, and strip clubs is the man that is stilling living in his mother’s basement and will never grow up. Pass on this man, now.

The Control Freak – Needs to know where you are all the time, constantly jealous, doesn’t trust you at all. Let’s just watch the movies, «Sleeping with the Enemy» and «Enough» about a thousand times and this guy is the leading man in both. Don’t do it, lady, get out now. The man that is so overwhelming that you can’t breathe eventually will suffocate you. (Literally!) The control freak eventually turns into the man that will physically harm you.   If you don’t want to get beaten start looking for these warning signs: needs you to account where you been every minute of the day, starts weaning you from your family, will play cruel jokes on you that are sick and then wants to comfort you, criticizes you constantly and won’t let you talk to any other guy. I think this one is self-explanatory. You want someone that is going to bring you up, not down. Someone that trusts you to make your own decisions and be faithful. A man that is going to support you in a loving way and encourages time with family. Of the 5 types of men to avoid this one is the worst because it leads to domestic violence and you really don’t want that to deal with.

Can’t Commit-man – He’s charming, wonderful and you think he’s the one….. but after six years together he still hasn’t proposed. Listen, sweetey, if he doesn’t know after six years that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you then he’s never gonna know. What your grandma used to say about «Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free» is so very true. Statistics show that most relationships change at the two-year mark. People take stock of the situation at two years and evaluate whether it’s worth putting more time into or time to move on. If he is seriously with you after three years he needs to man-up and make a commitment. If you’re about six years into it with him, why waste one more day. You want a man that doesn’t need to be nagged for a ring – you want a man that has no problem begging you on his knees to marry him. You need a REAL man…. not a spine-less child.

The Goal-less Wonder or «The Sponge»– No job, no car, asks for money, won’t pay when you go out together and suddenly moves in with you. Has your man had a problem keeping every job he gets?   You realize you have been carting his butt around all over town because he has a suspended license and smashed his car up? Every time you go out he just naturally expects you to pay? The phrase, «C’mon, baby, just give me $20 and I’ll pay you back next week when D. J. pays me back that money he owes me», becomes a routine. This man will never be able to support you financially and provide for your future children. There’s just no easy way to put it to you other than that. He will sleep over so much that you realize he’s kinda’ moved in with you and is living there on your rent money and eating all your food and running up the phone bill and every other bill you have. You will go flat broke with this man.

I hope these 5 types of men to avoid has given you a heads-up on what NOT to look for in a man.   Happy hunting for Mr. Right. He’s out there; just keep the faith and look for these red flags to avoid and you will run into the right guy eventually.