Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Quickly

Most people recommend giving your ex some space, including me, but if you wait too long then your ex boyfriend may start to get involved with new girls and grow further away from you. So while some space is good, it should be for months and months.

While you are chilling out and letting your feelings from the break-up cool down you can be working on a plan to get your ex-boyfriend back, if you want him back. This doesn’t mean spending all of your time obsessing about your ex-boyfriend and making yourself crazy! It just means taking some time to figure out where the relationship went wrong and how it could work better if you took another shot at it.
Remember that working on yourself individually will allow you to see how you can bet a part of a healthier and happier relationship, so make sure to take care of yourself and your emotions as well as figure out a way to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Steps

Understanding why your relationship didn’t work is a process. It’s a step by step series of actions that allow you to get closer to getting your relationship back in a healthy and happy way. Don’t skip a step and rush ahead to the next one. This is not the way to really tackle the issues and find a solution. If you skip steps then you may end up back with your ex-boyfriend, but chances are you will also end up broken up again very quickly.
Step 1: Figure Out Why You Broke Up
All you can do is look at your side of the breakup here. If you start to focus on your ex-boyfriend then you are playing the blame-game, and that’s not going to help you figure out a resolution to get him back. So stay focused on you and your part in the breakup.
Think back to the beginning of the relationship. You probably behaved really well! Maybe you ignored his little quirks or even found them cute and made him feel good for being unique. You probably laughed at his jokes, included him in your life, and made him feel like you wanted to be with him for him.
But as time wore on you may have started to get annoyed with his quirks and tell him he was stupid for doing them. You may have started to not laugh at his jokes and make him feel bad about his sense of humor. You may have started to not include him in your life by not sharing every detail or you started going out without him. And all of this would start to make him feel not very special to you anymore. Can you see how this would affect him?
I had a friend who mistreated her boyfriend beyond belief. She was rude to him, made him feel bad about himself, called him down in front of other people, ignored him, went out without him, and basically made him feel like piece of crap. After they broke up she blamed him completely and didn’t take any credit towards the breakup. She couldn’t be honest with herself about her own behaviour.
If you can’t be honest with yourself then you won’t make it through this step without playing the blame-game. Not good.
Once you are honest with yourself and realize where you started to go wrong in the relationship You can move on to the next step.
Step 2: Fix Your Own Issues
Now you know where you went wrong. Whether you were too controlling or too distant you can begin to work on those personal issues and figure out how to stop them altogether. The thing to remember here is consistent work, which means you can’t try to work on yourself for a bit and then give up when you don’t see any changes.
The way you act is a habit and you have developed that habit from many years of practice, so changing that habit requires you to practice a new way of being.
For instance, if you find you are very controlling then you can practice patience and letting go. Let a non-controlling attitude govern the way you live life and see if that makes a difference in the way people interact with you. The more practice you get the more likely you are to change.
Step 3: Make Contact With Your Ex-Boyfriend
Now is the time to get in touch with your ex-boyfriend. This is why the space was needed. So hopefully you haven’t called him in the middle of the night begging for him back or told him off every time he refused to get back together with you. If you didn’t allow for that space then he hasn’t had any time to miss you.
But assuming you did give him a little space, now you can arrange to get together with him so you can show him your new self and what you have learned from the relationship breaking up. Chances are he will be mucho impressed with your new, kinder, more aware self, and because he’s been missing you already you will be showing him that he’s got even more to miss than he thought!
Step 4: Be Mature and Open To His Feelings
He may not have put in the effort to become aware and change himself like you did. He may still be stuck in his feelings about the breakup and why YOU were the reason the breakup occurred. (Remember the blame-game?) This is human nature, and if you fly off the handle about his words then you may find yourself losing him forever.
A better way to do it is lead by example. He may start to complain and rant and rave, so take the time to listen to his feelings and really understand them before you respond. Chances are what he is saying to you is something you have already figure out and improved on anywise.
Then let him know that you’ve been working on those issues and have become a new person. Don’t attack him, just  let him know that you would like to get back together with him, but in order for you to be a couple again, he would also have to work on his issues. He may get defenisve, but don’t add salt to the wound by telling him how annoying or disrespectful he was. Let him know what your problems were with him in a non-threatening way and let him digest that information in his own way.
He will probably not react super well to it, but then again he might. Either way let your ex-boyfriend know that if he would like to get back together with you then he will have to make some changes also. He will take that information and ponder it, and if he wants to get back together with you he will start to become aware of his own issues and work on changing them as well.
Step 5: Stay in His Life and Show Him What He’s Missing
Now you can really show him what he’s missing and let him see how getting back together with you will actually be a great thing. If he hasn’t come around to working on himself yet, he will after a few weeks of seeing what a delightful new woman you are! In short – he will wants some of that.
Follow these 5 steps in order to get your ex-boyfriend back and you will find yourself with a good chance of being back in a relationship with him very quickly.