PerfectMatch – Dating Website Review

Would you like to join an online dating site that is highly acclaimed by some of the entertainment and current events’ world biggest names? If you answered yes, then PerfectMatch is the online dating site for you. PerfectMatch has been featured in The New York Times, Today Show, Dancing with the Stars, Dr. Phil, NBC, and Time Magazine.

It also bears PhD endorsed seal which means that a league of PhD professionals have deemed this online dating community a safe environment for all singles to meet and date. Aside from all these credentials, Perfect Match has also been featured in the movie «Must Love Dogs.» When you join Perfect Match, you will be asked to complete your profile page which contains several categories that aim to explore the whole «you.» The Essential category explores your physical attributes and some of basic personal information about your current status. The Values and Ideals section allows you to describe your own beliefs such as your political stand, your environmental concerns, how your friends and family describe you as a person, and a whole lot more. This section mainly defines your comfort zone, a factor that affects the strength of our relationships.

You can also describe some of your Love and Lifestyle preferences and their level of importance in your relationship. Do you like to meet someone who also enjoys the things you do or would you rather have someone who possess an opposite lifestyle? Aside from this, there’s also a Deal Breaker section which gives you the opportunity to put out in detail some of the things that you think would destroy your relationship. The success of Perfect Match’s efficient online dating service has been made possible by the patented Duet Total Compatibility System. This has been written and developed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a Professor of Sociology at University of Washington and the resident relationship expert of Perfect Match.

The Duet Analysis system basically covers all the essential elements of your personality that determines your compatibility with other members. It covers your Romantic Impulsivity, Personal Energy, Outlook in life, Predictability, Flexibility, Decision-Making Style, Emotionality, and your Self-Nurturing style. When you have finished this unique personality test, Perfect Match’s online dating system will use the results to find your perfect match. Another way to improve your chances of finding true love online is through uploading some of your photos. You will get fifteen times more attention from Perfect Match members if you have photos posted on your profile. If you wanted to bring «more soul» and «more personality» to your Perfect Match profile, we suggest updating your In My Words section.

This section has several essay questions you can freely answer in order to show your intellectual and sensitive side. As a free member of Perfect Match, you can start searching for your potential soul mates. There are several ways to do this. One is by the Compatibility Search which uses the Duet Analysis program to search for other members who possess the same personality traits like you do. According to Dr. Schwartz, when two people share the same personality, they are likely to have a successful relationship because conflicts are minimized. You can also search using the Quick Search tool which allows you to specify the age range and zip code of other members. The Custom Search feature, on the other hand, gives you more options to indicate, all of which are found in every member profile. This narrows down your search to specific matches who possess the traits you have detailed. Lastly, the Keyword Search allows you to look for member profiles containing the keywords you have indicated. When you found someone who caught your attention, then it’s time to send an Ice Breaker. The Ice Breakers of Perfect Match is unlike any other.

These are actually pre-defined questions which you can send to other members and help you determine whether you have the same level of interest or not. After the first set of questions have been answered, you can send another batch but this time the questions are a bit more in-depth and personal. This is a great way to know your compatibility with another member before sending them emails. Now that you have a good grasp of Perfect Match’s services, you can opt to upgrade your membership. If you do, you will be able to communicate with other members using the onsite mailing system. This feature has proven to be very effective in finding true love online. Why don’t you give it a shot today? Who knows, sooner or later, you might be sending your success story to Perfect Match’s customer service after finding your soul mate.